Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (‘the Terms’) govern the users' (‘you’ or ‘your’) use of the website www.PainFreeNinja.com (‘the Website’) and your relationship with Pain-Free Ninja, Venard Fong, and/or Pain Free Ninja (‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’). Please read them carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under law. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not access nor use the Website.

If you have any queries regarding these Terms then please contact us.


Payment must be received in full in order for treatment sessions to be booked and to begin. Prices may be subject to change and the owner reserves the right to adjust prices where necessary.


Session is defined as time allocated for a treatment. Appointments are limited and for fairness to all clients, on a first come- first serve basis. Full payment secures appointment/ treatment sessions. Free video calls are also first come- first serve. Sessions are not held or reserved. This includes face to face, phone call or video (Skype, Zoom, etc) contact. Any unused sessions cannot be rolled over and will not be refunded.



Sessions may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the session and rescheduled without penalty. Cancellations within 24 hours of the session will result in the session being lost and no refund will be granted. To cancel, please email us. Each session may only be cancelled and changed once. Any change/ cancellations must be made in writing to info[at]painfreeninja.com

For In-Clinic sessions, a full refund will be only be granted only in the event you do not feel an improvement (the way you move/ pain levels/ performance) during the course of the first FULL treatment session.

There are no refunds prior to the initial session.

After the initial session, there are no refunds.

For Video Clinic sessions, a full refund will only be granted only in the event we are not a good fit and we cannot help you.

In-Clinic Session is defined as in person, hands-on, and on premise, at the clinic located at Portal Business Centre, Thursby Road, Wirrel, CH62 or in person, on premise, at the suitable location of the Client's choosing (e.g. their home, office, hotel, etc.).

Video Clinic Session is defined as via live video access (e.g. Skype, Zoom, etc.). These sessions are live but not in-person and the Client may be located at the suitable location of the client's choosing.

Third-Party specialists & Consults And void of guarantee of service

If you, the Client, choose to attend appointments/ treatments/consultations with external therapists or healthcare professionals not chosen by Us and/or without informing or consulting Us, you risk nullifying Our Guarantee of Service. Moreover, there is a risk the improvement of your condition and return to desired lifestyle may be delayed or not at all. We cannot guarantee the work of professionals we have not vetted ourselves. Their methods may contradict the treatment you are currently receiving and may even undo the progress, delaying your improvement.

If you receive treatment or consultation from a third-party therapist/ healthcare professional at any point during the three-month term of the Guarantee of Service, without the express written acknowledgement of  Pain-Free Ninja/ Venard Fong or an authorised representative thereof, the Guarantee may be nullified at the discretion of the latter. You do so assuming all risk and liability and Pain-Free Ninja/ Venard Fong shall be held harmless from the date of contact with the unapproved third-party specialist.


For the greatest benefit and recovery, it is highly recommended the Client attend all sessions as prescribed and agreed to prior to and/or during the course of treatment. Appointments are limited. No-show/no-call may result in a refusal of future service; and this, including possible forfeiture of deposits, nullification of Guarantee of Service and/or other penalties. By non attendance, you are wasting your session and delaying your own improvement. Programme length has been determined to include a set number of visits, these are there to ensure your best results. By entering the programme, you are required to be on time for your session. Lateness may result in a shorter session time and/or cancellation of your session(s) and will affect the Guarantee of Service.


Where required, the client will receive their home exercise plan in video format. This will be either filmed on their mobile phone or tablet or filmed and sent on a secure program designed for rehabilitation professionals.

Treatment of Confidential information

Your information will not be shared with any third parties. However, details specific to your care may be discussed or transmitted to or referred to solely and exclusively in correspondence with other medical and health professionals as it regards to your current treatment and care.

Case Studies

Cases may be used for illustrative purposes and we commit to due diligence to maintain the anonymity of our clients; this includes names, locations and any other identifiable characteristics not necessary for diagnoses and/or treatments. Should you feel your anonymity has been breached, please contact us immediately and we will do our utmost to rectify the situation. Please note: conditions, ailments, dysfunctions, incapacities, troubles, diagnoses, prognoses, treatments, complaints, first and third-party therapists and/or other specialists, methods used, prescriptions and/or instructions are excluded from this guarantee of anonymity.

Guarantee of service

If we can help you, we will go all out to help you to be pain free or to a level of pain reduction that both parties are happy with. 

You will have access to everything in our knowledge and skill bank. There will be no withholding of service at all. Once the first session has been completed (client has left place of treatment), the treatment will run its course until result has been achieved or either party defaults on the agreement. 

Full 100% improvement may not occur in the first session.

Once your goal has been achieved and you are happy, you will be discharged and upon this, your 90 day 'warranty' commences. In the case of the exact same problem in the exact same area returning within those 90 days, please contact us and we will book you in and resolve it free of charge. 

insurance & NHS

We do not undertake any NHS work.

If you have private health care and a member of:
-Sovereign Health Care

As we are a member of the Sports Therapy Association (STA), you are able to claim back treatment fees. Please check with your health care plan provider for amounts and eligibility.

We will add new providers as soon as we know about them.

claims of efficacy

Efficacy of the results can vary between individuals even though they may have very similar symptoms and presentations. The results are based from the quality and transparency of the information you, the client provide in the intake. The higher the quality and quantity of the information you provide, the bigger and better picture we will have to provide you the best care by being able to get to the root or as close to the root cause as possible. If there is any secondary gain at play due to the pain, then results will be limited.

We do not 'fix', 'cure', 'heal'. Majority of our work revolves around the brain and the nervous system and it's communication with the body. With pain, it is a processing issue within the brain due to poor information coming into the brain, this results in poor information being output- muscles and joints. By treating the root cause, we 'clear up' the dysfunctional/ poor information input and this allows the brain and the body get on the same page and communicate well. Once the brain is happy and does not perceive the body in a unsafe/ in threat state, pain reduces and this allows the body's own restorative process to kick into action. 


Video and written testimonials are true accounts of our clients' experiences, and this to the best of our knowledge. The claims made within are those of the speaker and/or writer and do not in any way represent or allude to any claims on our part. Individual results may vary. Please do not contact our clients directly, rather make referral and reference requests through our offices.

Free COnsultation calls

These calls are not only for us to get to know each other, but also for us to get a greater understanding of your issue. If you have multiple concerns, only one will be addressed on the call (your highest priority concern) with one strategy of pain reduction. Without performing a full assessment, the advice given in these calls at best provide short term relief to the issue. There will be no diagnosis or medical advice issued on these calls. We aim to provide information to help you make an educated decision to help you get better. We are not responsible for any adverse effects or lack of progress for not following the advice or seeking inappropriate care.

Proprietary Method

The particular combination of treatments, methods, services, techniques and/or movements utilised by Pain-Free Ninja/ Venard Fong and/or duly authorised representatives constitute a proprietary treatment method. Unauthorised and/or unlicensed use may be subject to litigation, fines and/or revocation of certifications. Please contact our offices if you would like information on using our methods in your own practise.