Three ways to get out of pain FAST:

  • Come to the clinic 
  • Video therapy
  • Let me come to you!


Venard's Clinic

Get the full benefits with of working with me.

in-clinic venard's office in-person

The main clinic. Where all the work and results are created. All you have to do is just turn up! No stress or headaches anymore!

Video Clinic

Let me coach you through your pain management.

video clinic online call skype zoom

The control is in your hands. Literally! Guidance and coaching over video call to help you become pain free.

Visiting Clinic

Not able to come in to clinic? I can come to you.

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Distance an issue to travel with the pain or just that your schedule is super packed? Then there's still no need to suffer! I can come to you.


“WOW, just literally WOW. I have had back pain for years. I have seen so many people, doctors, physios, nope - nothing worked. I had just learned to live with the pain. Was sat on the fence for ages, in fact that is not strong enough, I was TOTALLY SCEPTICAL - I honestly thought it was too good to be true.... I got chatting to Vernard and went to see him, I have had a few sessions now, and for the first time IN YEARS. My back is so much better. If you are in pain. Go see this guy! If you are sceptical like I was, don't be! Go see him! Worth it!” Pete.