Like most chronic pain sufferers, you probably believe that pain is just going to be a fact of your life.

You've poured money, energy and literally tears into managing or dulling the pain just so you can do normal things like sitting, standing or walking. Maybe you have to prepare yourself for things like playing on the floor with your kids, sitting at your desk, or sometimes even getting out of bed. 

THE Get Out of Pain and Move Better programme is for you if:

  • You are in debilitating chronic pain.
  • You’ve been suffering with it for months. Hell, even years!!
  • Your therapist promised to get you out of pain and yet multiple sessions later you still have it.
  • You want it gone. Out of your life.
  • Pain severely restricts what you can do- work, play, even intimacy. 
  • You want to get off pain meds.
  • You're an athlete, weekend warrior or "armchair athlete".
  • Your business is being affected by your pain.

Over the course of several years squatting I always had problems with my adductors – they would get tighter and tighter every day and it got to the point where I would need 30mins to warm up and loosen them up. One session with Venard resolved this – by finding that they were overcompensating for other muscle, he corrected this and immediately my body did what it was supposed to.
— Carl

I've tried everything! How are you different?

The work I do restores the body's innate ability to heal. Through a unique combination of the most innovative and scientifically proven pain relief methods, I target underlying issues in the body and not just the unwanted symptoms to get you out of pain FAST.

So when I get rid of someone's pain in as little as one session, it is because I've addressed the cause, not just the pain.

My clients think it's magic. It's not, but it's close :)

That's why they call me The Pain-Free Ninja

If you're sick of being in pain, book a FREE CONSULTATION today to see how we can make tomorrow PAIN-FREE.


A commitment to a series of correctives is highly recommended for optimum results and functionality. On your assessment we will choose a plan together that is best for your body.

*Single session results are based on clients' in-clinic visits. All treatments, including video clinic, may require multiple sessions.



be pain-free tomorrow!


what makes PFN treatments different

When you unlock the body, you unlock its potential. 

This may be a process you are unaccustomed to. Let me explain more about what I do and how it is different from anything you may have tried before... 

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Together we'll target the cause of your pain and unlock your body.

There are 3 ways we can work together: in clinic, video clinic and visiting clinic. 

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Disclaimer: in most cases pain is correctable, but not all pain is. I do not accept clients whose pain I do not believe I can correct. Many times relief is quick, but not all pain relief is instant or permanent. You will be instructed on how to maintain the relief and manage possible future flare-ups as part of the process, but failure to follow instruction and/or make the prescribed changes may, and probably will, result in the pain coming back. Working one-to-one with me in my clinic yields the best and most permanent results. Video Clinic is second best.