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Are you suffering with muscle and joint pain?

Have you tried numerous approaches and none have provided any real, lasting results?

Hell! You may have even seen world class professionals, yet they couldn’t do anything to help you.

In fact, you have exhausted every single option so far available to you and it keeps you up at night

(Literally in some cases).

Then read every word below.

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But before I tell you how we did this and achieve these results. Let me tell you who I am.

I am Venard and I run Pain Free Ninja and my goal is to help as many people to find a solution to their pain.

I got into the industry originally to help me train and compete at a higher level. But when my rivals started noticing the improvements, they asked and believe it or not, I accepted and helped my rivals to recover faster from injury or to stay injury free. I got more satisfaction of helping my rivals improve than it was for my own goals and the journey started from there.

Along the way those that I’ve helped have been: 

  • Busy corporate professionals
  • Stay at home parents
  • IT managers
  • Crossfitters
  • Emergency services
  • Veterans
  • Teachers
  • 6-7 figure entrepreneurs
  • Other therapists in the same field
  • Builders
  • Roofers
  • And many others in variety of sectors and industries

The commonality has been where other approaches have failed, we’ve succeeded.

They say health is wealth and it’s true.

Whether it’s being financially wealthy with the house of your dreams and a nice car or time rich and being able to simply having the luxury of time to create priceless experiences and memories.

So what do you get?

  • Confidence in your body and the trust that it works when you need it
  • Minimal “downtime”. Other than getting stretched and pummelled, the other thing that’s just as bad is needing recovery time after a session. We believe that you shouldn’t have to have a rest or a nap. Naps are great and I have them. But it should be on YOUR terms. It’s not uncommon for clients to be hitting personal bests in the gym witin 24 hours of a treatment or lightning fast brain clarity and productivity.
  • Our unique 5 stage precision process to locate the cause of your problem (everyone knows the first 3 stages, the magic is in the remaining 2)
  • Real time results. Our unique approach assesses your body in real time and we know almost instantly whether what the corrective work that we propose to do, will actually work or not. There’s less waiting around and “see how it goes”
  • Treatments specifically to you. I know everyone says this. You won’t find any templates/ cookie cutting/ sheets of exercises here. How we work with you, will be totally different to the next person with exactly the same symptoms.
  • Same/ next day MRI and other scans. Yup. We have access to some of the countries top clinics so less waiting around.
  • Not only do we have access to same/ next day scans, but also the reports are looked over by a consultant and their recommendations given.
  • Understanding of your lifestyle. I totally understand it and the last thing you want is pages upon pages of exercises/ stretches/ having to get warmed up just to commence the exercises or having to buy a lot of kit. You just don’t have the time for it. Which is why using the unique approaches here in the clinic, we can streamline your self care work to be the simplest, unobtrusive as possible.


It can be as fast as 2-5 seconds to do and up to 2 minutes tops. In a lot of cases, there may be nothing to do.

  • Access to me. email/ call or text messages. Between sessions and even after discharge. You ain’t getting rid of me that easily! Depending on the service you choose, you can still get access to me for up to 90 calendar days after discharge. All for your peace of mind.


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